Types of Fire Restoration Services

Fire damages are one of the most speedy damages to any homes or property. After a fire, most of your property is covered with soot, and it is, therefore, necessary to carry out these services which help recover the remaining assets and put them in good shape, a job that should be done by experts. Fire damage restoration services Richmond VA ensures your property is not further damaged by soot, fire, water from firefighters or any other external causes by acting as fast as possible to safe property and ensuring fire damage does not mean a total loss. Below are the types of services to expect from the professionals.

Structural Cleaning services

This involves cleaning structures damaged in the fire including ceilings, walls, and floors. The mechanics can talk to you on issues regarding the adjustments to be done in cleaning your structures and the extent of damages. Wet and dry cleaning and scrubbing are the methods used in the elimination of smoke and soot in your structures.

Mitigation Services

The main objective of these type of services is to ensure your property is protected and prevent any additional damage. All the openings are sealed, any broken pipes are fixed, and a temporary source of electricity is established so that any appliances requiring power can be functional. Drying wet structures using the Emergency drying method is done to make sure that there is no secondary water damage.

Reconstruction Services

These services are done when severe damage was done to the structures of the area affected. Fire damage restoration experts are not licensed to do reconstruction, but they could fix the damage caused by soot smoke and the fire. The reconstruction work is usually done by experienced contractors, and it is important to check that they are licensed.

Contents Cleaning Services

Content cleanings involves washing of utensils, fabric, furniture and other objects using appropriate methods and tools. If it is impossible for the professional restorers to clean the items at the site of the unfortunate incident, they take the items with them, and once they are done with cleaning, they ship them back to the place you wish them sent.

Specialty Restoration Services.

Delicate items such as electronic items, dry cleaners, gas and electric cookers fall under this category. Cleaning such items requires a lot of caution and such services are often subcontracted and a subcontractor is given the job. This is to ensure the quality of the job done is high by avoiding further damage by the cleaners in the attempt to clean such items.

These services are important because they safe household items and you don’t have to start equipping your house from scratch. In some cases, smoke residues can damage metals in your house. It is therefore much safer to contact an expert to fix the damage caused than to attempt and repair it yourself since you might be doing more harm to your property. Fires leave residues of synthetics and acids and painting can be a better solution than cleaning.